A new version is available!

Premake 4.0 is now available at our new website.

This page describes Premake 3.7, the last release in the 3.x series.


The latest version is 3.7.

Premake 3.7 (Windows) premake-win32-3.7.zip
Premake 3.7 (MacOSX) premake-macosx-3.7.tar.gz
Premake 3.7 (Linux) premake-linux-3.7.tar.gz
Premake 3.7 (Source)premake-src-3.7.zip

A complete list of past releases is available from the SourceForge file list.

Binaries simply need to be unpacked and placed somewhere on the system search path (or any other convenient location). The source code package come with build scripts for all of the supported C++ toolsets (GNU make, MS Visual C++, etc.). Premake is self-contained and should build and run pretty much everywhere — of course, let me know if you have problems.

Once Premake is installed, see the Quick Start to learn how to generate project files, or Writing Premake Scripts to start adding Premake support to your own projects.


These package repositories are provided by volunteers; there may be a delay while they update to the latest versions. If you would like to volunteer to host a repository, contact me.

Ubuntu Package repository courtesy of Ryan Mulder

Subversion (SVN)

The very latest version of the Premake source code is available in the SourceForce Subversion repository. It may have new features and bug fixes, and it may also have new bugs. The repository URL is:


Premake is self-hosting; you will need a copy of Premake installed in order to build the source code from the repository. Get it, and then use one of the following commands to create the project files:

$ premake --target gnu     # to create Makefiles
$ premake --target vs2005  # Visual Studio 2005
$ premake --target vs2003  # Visual Studio 2003
$ premake --target vs2002  # Visual Studio 2002
$ premake --target vs6     # Visual C++ 6
$ premake --target cb-gcc  # Code::Blocks with GCC
$ premake --target cb-ow   # Code::Blocks with Open Watcom C/C++
$ premake --target cl-gcc  # CodeLite with GCC

You now have a makefile/solution/workspace for your toolset; build as usual.