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This page describes Premake 3.7, the last release in the 3.x series.

Premake 3.7 Released

Ooh, shiny. Premake 3.7 is now available, sporting changes like:

  • Updated Lua to 5.1.3
  • Added new CodeLite support target (Ryan Pusztai)
  • Added new cb-ow (Code::Blocks Open Watcom) target (Tim Channon)
  • Place OSX winexe's into Content/MacOS folder (William Burnson)
  • Sibling executables may now be listed in package.links
  • Bug 1520012: Improper Makefiles when filenames have spaces (Diaa Sami)
  • Bug 2045506: "no-exceptions" flag ignored for VS200x (Benoit Miller)
  • Bug 2034470: Error in cmd line error handler
  • Bug 2114152: package or config table isn't generated automatically

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

Premake: Best Utility for Developers?

SourceForge is now accepting nominations for their Community Choice Awards, and I'm fishing for nominations in the Best Utility for Developers category. It's as easy as clicking here.

Premake 3.6 Released

Kudos to Ryan for adding some initial support for Visual Studio 2008!

  • Patch 1946122: Add support for VS2008 (Ryan Pusztai)
  • Patch 1913448: Win32 crash when using '--clean --usetargetpath' (David Walters)
  • Patch 1771168: luaL_getn speed optimization (Richard O'Grady)
  • Bug 1939089: Premake segfault on Linux/PPC (Fabio Till)
  • Fixed "bad argument #2 to 'chdir'" error
  • Disable -MMD on multiple -arch flags (poor man's Universal binary support)

It just gets shinier and shinier. Enjoy!

Premake 3.5 Released

Okay, maybe just one more, for good measure. Premake 3.5 is now available, sporting these shiny new changes:

  • Prevent creation of import libraries on OS X
  • Improved handling of dylibs on OS X
  • Patch 1771977: Ability to compile C source as C++ in Code::Blocks (Ryan Pusztai)
  • Patch 1771168: luaL_getn speed optimization (Richard O’Grady)
  • Bug 1804810: out-implib not present in linux gnu compler toolchain
  • Bug 1806949: .Net reference paths are broken when bindir is specified
  • Bug 1806960: Make clean does not remove .mdb files
  • Bug 1831389: Makefiles stored in subdirs contain no targets on first run


Premake 3.4 Released

Premake version 3.4 — the latest, greatest, and possibly the last release in the 3.x branch. Lots of good stuff in here!

  • Added no-pch flag to suppress precompiled headers
  • Added App.config support to GNU makefiles
  • Add os.mkdir() to script environment
  • Makefile now creates target directory before copying .NET references
  • Feature 1520182: Enhanced file-handling functions
  • Bug 531878: Problems with relative paths
  • Bug 1723867: Config-specific post-build on GNU target (Benoit Miller)
  • Bug 1596826: XML targets doesn’t escape xml entities
  • Bug 1600155: Core dump due to newpackage() and matchfiles()
  • Bug 1608895: resgen command shown
  • Bug 1639730: Output filename is not set
  • Bug 1729227: non-portable executable with relative library path
  • Bug 1559951: default clean rule removes package dir
  • Patch 1733674: PCH support for Code::Block targets (Ryan Pusztai)
  • Patch 1746563: Ability to specify GUID for VS targets (Ryan Pusztai)
  • Patch 1754867: Creating import lib of different name (Ryan Pusztai)